Our Facials

At Vanity Fayre we offer a range of facials to suit you.

Whether you want a deep-cleansing reparative treatment or an anti-ageing facial or perhaps a moisture boost, we have the right treatment for your needs.

If you want a little pampering but don’t quite know what your best option is, ask our fully-trained staff for their objective advice.

We know that the language and choices can get a little confusing and we promise to find the best treatment for you.

Reasons to Indulge

There are many reasons you might choose a particular facial treatment. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Cleanse your skin
  • Soothe and balance sore or sensitive skin
  • Moisturise dry skin
  • Battle wrinkles and lines
  • Prevent future problems with any of the above

Our Popular Services

Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliants to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using potent aromatic essential oil blends, powerful targeted serums and speciality masques customized to achieve intensive results, this treatment will leave your skin glowing. (75 minutes).

A prescriptive facial tailored to your current skin condition to achieve the best skin possible. Aromatherapy products are selected to deeply cleanse, gently exfoliate and prepare the skin ready to absorb aromatic massage oils and luxurious facial masques. Skin is left replenished, hydrated and protected. (60 minutes).

Illuminate and brighten dull, lacklustre, pigmented skin with The Ultra Bright Facial. Professional resurfacing smothes and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and speciality masques. Illuminating moisturiser protects and re-energizes leaving the skin flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing. (60 minutes).

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